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Chakra 101

The class outline goes as this :

5 minutes pranyama introduction

20 minutes theory : 

-          What are the chakras ?

-          How do they work ?

-          How to activate your chakra?

-          How to channel energy?

-          Self discovery of your body energy through the chakras

45 minutes : chakra yoga (7 minutes /chakra)

Chakra meditation with essential oils : 15 minutes 

Group work: put people by 2 or 3 and make them feel the energy : 35 minutes 


“Following the International Yoga day, come and join us for a journey through the chakras. What are they? How do they contribute to our health and energy level? How can you integrate the chakras in your yoga practice? How can you benefit from chakra meditation? 

On Sunday the 23rd of June, from 5:30pm to 7:30pm, we will unfold the mystery of our kundalini energy, and learn the fundamentals of our spiritual and energetic centers. You will enjoy:

-          Complimentary lemon/mint water

-          Complimentary use of essential oils related to each chakra

-          Introduction theory of the nadis and the chakras

-          Chakra meditation

-          Chakra yoga

Price: $10 at the door or $8 prebooking