Anjali House NGO Students.

Anjali House NGO Students.

Anjali House NGO Students.

Anjali House NGO Students.

Founder volunteering for Holani Hana Inc. in Hana, Maui.

Founder volunteering for Holani Hana Inc. in Hana, Maui.

Our story.
Rolok is a fitness center based in the peaceful and wonder-filled city of Siem Reap, Cambodia. With emphasis on breathing techniques and meditation, Rolok’s yoga practice leans towards thoughtful and reflexive yoga to promote both physical and mental well-being.

The positive benefits of yoga are inspiring and fulfilling, and it quickly became our motive to make it accessible for everyone to experience it. The practice of yoga completely changed our lives and put us on a path full of love, compassion and understanding. Our beginning happened while we traveled to Hawaii where we met this kind soul who inspired us to pursue our dream. Through him, we were introduced to our mentor and sister Alana, who believed and supported us with an immediate connection.

We believe that sharing knowledge is key to growth. To share is to give life and to give hope. With this mindset, we engaged ourselves to offer free yoga classes to Cambodian students weekly. This will give them the opportunity to learn the practice of yoga and discover the endless benefits. 

A little more about our founder.


Marianne went through a lot of life stages. She has been searching for herself for quite some time, until yoga found its way into her life. 
She found out how yoga connects people together. She saw the magic yoga can do. Yoga is a universal language that speaks to her on a deeper mind/body and soul level. The yoga instructors she has met, moved her and changed her. 
Marianne finished a degree in criminology and worked in the field. Something didn’t feel right to her, she felt like the system had failed the ones who needs help the most.  Right then she knew she wanted to be able to help others, she wasn’t sure on how she could come to help the people in need, so yoga reached out to her and showed her the way. A way of life, where love, compassion, empathy and acceptance were truly valued. A space where everybody could come as they are and feel as if they were part of a family.
She has been practicing yoga for over two years, but is putting her heart into it. She wishes to touch and be touched by the people she will be engaging with. She believes everyone has the power to inspire others and the power to become their best selves. Now she is dedicating her time to help others reach out their full potential and always keeping in mind, the hardship she had to go through before reaching her inner peace. Humans are always a work in progress. 

A word from our personal trainer.
Rolok Fitness Center also offers private one-on-one and boxing/cardio group sessions, which are available for beginners and advanced alike. These classes share skills learnt by an English boxer who has 10 years worth of experience in the boxing profession. Technique and skill is the key to focus. Depending on skill level and experience, classes will be personalized to suit any individual. Everyone, independent of age, sex or knowledge is warmly welcomed to attend. These lessons are a great stress-relief for the mind and body, also giving the opportunity for participants to walk away with greater confidence. Boxing goes beyond punching and dodging, it has the ability to change people’s lives in different ways.


Our head training coach has developed an academy over the past 5 years – “Siem Reap Boxing Academy’ (SRBA). Teaching not only boxing’s skills and self-defense, but building life skills such as discipline, respect, direction and most importantly, the confidence to tackle their personal problems in a mindful way.

Ranging from as young as 8 years old, to teenagers, all the way to individuals in their twenties, there is no limit to learning with passion. The academy’s aim is to keep them out of trouble and harms’ way, with a strict guideline and criteria of what is expected from the students whilst in the academy. We see character and determination build inside each and every of them and SRBA wants to keep giving the opportunity to these children, teens and young adults. Support us by liking our Facebook (Siem Reap Boxing Academy) and have a look at some of the students in action!

New to Rolok :


Kids Yoga

We’re starting a new yoga class for children every Sunday afternoon. These classes incorporate games, movement, mind body connection and mindfulness in a fun and supportive environment. Suitable for ages 4 - 10.


Every first Friday of the month, we’ll be running a special ‘Ginyasa’ class aimed at anyone who would like to experience a relaxed & light hearted yoga class to get the weekend started! Let us guide you through asana’s with a gin & tonic.


Marianne, Founder/Operator.

Todd, Manager/Boxing Instructor and personal trainer.

Millie, Yoga teacher, Marketing/Social Media Manager.

Phai Tet, Maintenance worker.